Our family has been going to Dr. Lo for the past 6 years. Some friends of ours recommended it to us, and just one visit was enough to win us over. Dr. Lo displays true professionalism , dedication and confidence, using the latest cutting edge technology while providing a comfortable environment for his patients. Our 7 year old son's previous reservations about going to the dentist were completely alleviated by Dr. Lo kind and gentle demeanor and his way with kids.
Now each time our son Caleb visits Dr. Lo he goes in on own his initiative, not the least bit worried or afraid. With each visit we have been both satisfied and happy with the Abundance Dental and Wellness Centre's friendly staff, attention to detail and of course our improved dental health.
Michael S.
If you are the type of person that dreads seeing dentist, then Dr. Lo is who you should see for your next dental visit. When my daughter was young, she would literally go into panic attack during a visit to dentist. This led to many dentists refusing to work on her until we found Dr. Lo.
Dr. Lo is soft spoken and has a gentle touch with needless technique that puts your nerves at ease. During your visit and any procedure he continually asks of you are alright and dose his best to make you comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.
Dr. Lo's office is also equipped with TV and headphones to keep your mind off the situation in the chair. The staffs are really great and make your visit to the dentist a pleasant experience.
D.G. Abbotsford
Dr. Lo is always very carful when inspecting his patients or performing any procedure. You could easily tell that he is very skilled and experienced. I always feel very assured and confident when he is working on my teeth.
Daniel, university student
Dr. Lo is a wonderful dentist. He is very caring and gentle. He always takes his time and dose thorough exams on my family. Dr. Lo explains our conditions and concerns clearly. The last time I was there, the kid next door cried loudly. Dr. Lo was patient and waited for the kid to calm down. He is also very good with kids. My sons like him a lot. He is polite and humble. Those characters really touch my hear.
M. C. House Wife
Dr. Lo is very sincere, caring and honest. He always takes time to make sure patients are comfortable. He never gives me the feeling that he is in rush. Dr. Lo helps many other pastors and people in need. He has a very good heart and I pray that God bless him and his practice abundantly, so he can help more people.
Pastor Ho
Dr. Lo not only has great skills and techniques in his profession, what makes him really special is his ability to make patient like me comfortable and relaxing in each visit. If you are like me. I don't look forward to the dentist visit. But it is different with Dr. Lo. He will give you the sense that you are in "good hands", and he will lead you through each procedure, making sure that you understand and are comfortable with it. Dr. Lo has greatly reduced my fear associated with dentist visits. Thank you Dr. Lo!
John L
I was scared by the dentist when I was a child. I didn't want to see any dentist for the past 10 years. My tooth was in pain when I first went to see Dr. Lo. He explained every procedure clearly and told me what to expect. Dr. Lo is very patient and gentle. He totally change my experiences of seeing dentist. Dr. Lo has done some fillings and crown for me, and they didn't hurt at all. I drive all the way to see him every six months. Because Dr. Lo is definitely one of the best dentists in Vancouver. I highly recommend him.
John T, Sunshine Coast.
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